CPR Training Center Tampa, LLC

Pet First Aid and CPR

Cat and Dog

Taught by a Red Cross, ASHI, and ECSI Certified Instructor

Class Pricing

Quantity Description Price
Pet First Aid and CPR $70.00
Custom Class Combination

You will learn how to care for your cat or dog when they are first injured so they have a better chance of a good recovery once you get them to your veterinarian. You must take your pet to the vet for all serious problems. This class will help you to know when you have a serious problem, and what you can do immediately for your pet.

CPR and First Aid for dogs and cats is similar, and this class will point out the differences. You can enroll in an ECSI Pet First Aid and CPR program, and the costs are shown above. You will practice rescue breathing and CPR, as well as first aid skills on our stuffed practice pets. No live animals are allowed in the classroom for the safety of both your pet and the other pet owners.

Classes will be scheduled in the near future at locations throughout the Tampa Bay Area. We can also teach a class at your business, pet store, kennel, or veterinary office.

The class is 3.5 to 4 hours and there is a 6 person minimum to schedule a class at your location. ECSI offers a 2 year certification for this class.

Payment is required in full at least 2 weeks prior to the class so sufficient student materials can be ordered.

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Contact Bob Donaghy at 813-334-7412 or rdonaghy@tampabay.rr.com

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